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Mayflower - Rebranding


Mayflower - Rebranding

Mayflower wanted to look new, feel fresh and sound professional.

We started by looking from a new perspective, and ended up turning a 30-year-old-brand on it's head. 


When the Mayflower identity was created, with all of it's clip-art glory, little did it know it would be pulling brand duty for three decades. After working with a renowned marketing firm, they realized that they needed a fresh look to better reflect their emerging change in values and vision they were discovering.


With complete freedom to build from scratch, we launched a brand new vision, something modern and fresh, with subtle nods to their history. An updated, yet familiar color palette, and hidden balloons in the stylized "M" logo mark not only provide a pleasing visual, but a reflection of the new company attitude. 

When we pitched the tagline, “enjoy the party,” I could see a few smirks on the faces of the execs. I knew then we had something. It spoke to their new values.
— Scooter, DogHaus Design Co.