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A place for us to wax poetic about things that inspire us, make us feel more creative or are just plain cool. And probably a few dog pics too.

We're Back!


Let's go back for a quick second. Earlier this year, Mrs. DogHaus and I decided that it was time for a change. We have always loved the state of Colorado and the city of Denver in particular. I could go on as to why, but its the pretty standard answer: Awesome weather, awesome outdoors, awesome... well... everything. So we shut down DogHaus for a little as we made the transition. Now that we have started to put our roots down here a little more, we are ready to get back to action! 

We want to thank all of the clients that have stuck with us and been patient as we have gone through bouts of no internet access, no electricity, no phones and no sanity. We appreciate you more than you will ever know. 

We also thank those prospective clients for understanding that we were in limbo for a bit and put off some of their projects in order to be able to work with us. We will be reaching out to you very shortly to start those projects.

We're back! Hope to talk to you soon.