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Small Business Branding :: Why It's Important

Most people don’t grasp what branding is, but as a small business owner, the time is now to understand just how important it is.

Brand has become a buzzword of sorts. People throw it around to describe everything from logos, color schemes and taglines, and while all of those things are very important parts of a brand, individually, they are just logos, color schemes and taglines.

Ok, so what is a brand then? I don't believe you can talk about brand without talking about branding. So my simple philosophy is:

Your brand is the perception the public has about you. Branding is everything you do to ensure that perception matches your vision and core values.

The public is going to have a perception about you no matter what you do, it's your brand and branding effort that can change that perception to what you want it to be. Branding far too often gets shoved to the bottom of the list of small business owners to-do list. Here’s a few reasons why I think it might be time to bump it to the top:

Build Recognition

This one is simple. People can’t do business with you unless they know who you are. When your branding is consistent and recognizable, you will be on the top of people’s minds when they need to choose products or services.

Making Advocates

People love to tell people about brand they love. Have you seen my new this, or wow the experience at that was amazing! When your brand delivers on its promises, your customers will become brand advocates and do the selling for you. Advocates are one the easiest way to grow your audience to like minded consumers.

Stand Apart

It’s loud out there, and only getting louder. How do you get your voice to be the loudest and most understood? Your brand conveys what makes you unique and promises how you are going to bring that to the customer. Without it, your just part of the background crowd noise.

Your First Salesman

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could personally sit down with anyone that comes in contact with your brand and give them a sales pitch? A powerful brand does all that for you and more by setting expectations with potential customers before they even engage.

This is a short list of the many reasons that you should seriously considering giving more focus to your brand. Don't let your passion and ideas go to waste because you aren't talking to the right people in the right way. Contact a professional today and start down the path of building a brand, and not just a business. 

Even if you are on the fence, it never hurts to just talk. Contact us for a free consultation today and let's see if we can help you discover your story.